Being named one of Blog Talk Radio’s top hosts an unexpected honor

JWH BTR Banner Host Card

When I aired my first show on Blog Talk Radio back on March 26th, 2009 I would have never imagined that I would one day pass the 650 episode mark, let alone be selected as one of the Network’s Top 300 hosts. With 15,000 hosts airing a mind boggling number of shows every day, it … Continue reading

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Why Are These Women The Real Women of 5 Alive . . .

5 Alive PI Blog Banner

This Friday at 7:30 PM EDT on Blog Talk Radio we will be airing the debut episode of The Real Women of 5 Alive. As the show’s overview indicates, The Real Women of 5 Alive is being heralded as The View . . . With An Attitude.  Featuring Rhonda Ricardo, Maggie Reese, Jennifer Cameron, Heidi … Continue reading

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The Tony Bennett Factor: How traditional TV stars can salvage their careers on YouTube. . . maybe! (Part 1 of 2)


In my March 19th, 2012 post “Is Oprah going broke with OWN? If not a dollar short, then Oprah is at least a day late with her network concept,” I talked about the mega-star’s struggles with her OWN television network. Despite having a killer brand and a vast multitude of fans, Oprah is hemorrhaging BIG BUCKS.  … Continue reading

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3 years to the date I first took to the virtual airwaves of Blog Talk Radio . . . boy does time really fly!

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It is amazing at how quickly time flies . . . 3 years ago today I aired my very first episode on Blog Talk Radio . . . Closing in on my 500th show, I have a many memories upon which to reflect having had the great privilege of sharing the virtual airwaves with some … Continue reading

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eWorld Keynote delivered to 400 by remote Internet feed a hit with the audience

eWorld-Side by Side Shot

One thing is for certain, the dynamics of conferences have been unalterably changed with the advent of the Internet and more specifically the emergence of social media tools that enable you to connect anywhere in the world, at any time and in a manner that is both engaging and effective. Nowhere was this capability better … Continue reading

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PI Window on Blog Talk Radio – New 2011 Fall Schedule


The New 2011 Fall Schedule for the PI Window on Blog Talk Radio has been finalized, and I would like to invite you to tune into a great line-up of regularly scheduled shows including our new Buckingham This Week! and Off The Cuff: An Intimate Conversation With . . . segments. Throughout the year we … Continue reading

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When quality content meets social media . . .


“The medium is the message“ Marshall McLuhan, Canadian educator, philosopher and scholar If one were to take McLuhan’s axiom at face value, then one would reasonably assume that the method of delivering or disseminating content would take precedence over the quality of the information that is being shared. Certainly television, or as our parents often lamented, the idiot … Continue reading

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National issues with a regional focus . . . New York-based Blog Talk Radio comes to Buckingham

National issues with a regional focus . . . it’s Buckingham This Week! As the host of one of Blog Talk Radio’s most popular shows, I have interviewed persons of note from the world of politics, business and entertainment. Reaching an audience of more than 2 million people each month worldwide, both the PI Window … Continue reading

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PR Expert Marsha Friedman delivers some “sound” advice for those hoping to make it big as a talk radio host

I have to tell you that when I first had EMSI’s Marsha Friedman on the PI Window it was an energetic segment in which the PR marketing diva delivered solid insights into what people have to do to establish their brand in the vast sea that is the Internet world. What’s interesting is that before … Continue reading

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Why I Like Blog Talk Radio: Reason No. 152

Leveraging social media tools (including the PI Window on Business Show on Blog Talk Radio), in conjunction with other mediums such as social networks produces results . . . here is what one client had to say: “On Monday and Tuesday we are seeing a spike to 150-170 people. I think that is a combination … Continue reading

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