Does the pharmaceutical industry influence doctor diagnosis of mental illness? (Part 1 of 2)

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As I have come to read more and more about you and of course spend some time on your blog I find that you have an edge that enables you to provide a different take on mental illness Natalie. One thing that stands out and on which I would like to get your feedback centers … Continue reading

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e-mails to Bi-Polar patient reveal that Quebec doctor used treatment sessions to solicit (and receive) funds for his investment group

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These kinds of things happen to other people is the lament that is usually voiced by the victims of crime while in a state of disbelief or shock that something so bad could happen to them. I have to admit that with more than 400 radio shows under my belt, 3 books and in excess … Continue reading

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Is it time for Canada to abandon socialized medicine?

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Maggie Reese’s account of her struggle with Bipolar Disorder in Runaway Mind is on of the most compelling and thought provoking books that I have ever read, especially with the inclusion of corresponding commentaries by those closest to her. Of the many points that stand out in the book is Reese’s account of her time … Continue reading

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Sometimes it’s water and sometimes it’s ice . . .

You take water, for example. Sometimes it’s water, sometimes it’s ice. Sometimes it’s steam, vapor. It always the same old H2O. It only changes its properties. Your mother’s like that. She’s like water. The above line is from the 1994 picture Blue Sky in which Tommy Lee Jones’ character tries to explain to his children … Continue reading

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The Jericho Factor . . . Inside The Locked Ward of Redemption

The Battle Is Real

The euphoria of crossing the Jordan was quickly sobered by the facing of the next immediate challenge – JERICHO! It’s funny, but the rapid evolution of events since the day of truth shook the foundations of everything I had believed about my partner Jennifer, and our relationship spanning 10 years seems, at least upon reflection, … Continue reading

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The Bi-Polarized Marriage: An All Too Real Journey

“As much as it’s a biomedical condition, people with mental illnesses can’t be let completely off the hook,” says Dr. Karp, who himself has major depression.  “Of course, we can’t expect them to pull themselves up by their bootstraps when they’re acutely ill, but during periods of wellness they owe it to their spouses to … Continue reading

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