The Science of Leadership: 6 Questions to Think About

In what became a two-part segment on 21st Century Leadership thanks to a precipitous lightning strike that took us off the air on the June 30th show, a guest panel that included Bill McAneny (Frankenstein’s Manager: Leadership’s Missing Links), Dr. Gaby Cora (Leading Under Pressure), Merydith Willoughby (Sex in the Boardroom), and Forrest Breyfogle III … Continue reading

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21st Century Leadership: An Evolutionary Profile (Guest Profile: Bill McAneny) Bill McAneny, is an organisational psychologist based near London.  As well as his international consulting work and design of online learning and assessment systems Bill is also the author of “Frankenstein’s Manager” which outlines why management training does not lead to better-performing managers.  Bill is … Continue reading

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