Rocco Pendola misses the mark or, why does traditional media fail to grasp the true reach of social media

In his July 14th article If Major Networks Acted Like Netflix, We Would Call Them Frauds, Rocco Pendola rails at how Netflix has withheld viewership numbers as an indication that their claims that the successful return of the sitcom Arrested Development is questionable. Sadly Pendola obviously does not understand the nature of viewership in the … Continue reading

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Kickstarting the music industry: How Chuck Negron is making fans part of the process by Jon Hansen

Crowd Funding . . . social networking . . . Kickstarter are not necessarily part of the lexicon of most music fans who, with a wistful smile, recall the great times associated with listening to Chuck Negron and his Three Dog Night mates taking turns singing lead on such memorable hits as Joy To the … Continue reading

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A subtle, perhaps unintended parting shot at departed star Charlie Sheen?

Besides such classics as In The Thick of It (see the previous post from today), Arrested Development, Fawlty Towers and Greg The Bunny, I count amongst my favourite comedies Two And A Half Men.  I know some of you may point to other series such as for example MASH, which while technically a comedy tackled serious social … Continue reading

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