The Power Within: Are anti-psychotic drugs now obsolete?

“In 1976 I discovered, quite by accident, an amazing idea!  One that has led to the development of an extremely effective tool to elevate positive emotion and mood and permanently change behavior.  Behaviors like unwanted habits, compulsions and even addictions.  A technique so powerful, that with practice, a person can get from a normal mood, … Continue reading

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Illegal Sales & The Overprescribing of Antipsychotic Drugs: Is A New “Drug War” Brewing?

AstraZeneca $520 Million Settlement Underlines the Greed Over Good Mentality Within the Pharmaceutical Industry (PI Window on Business Blog – May 2, 2010) Antipsychotic Drug Misuse Lands Johnson & Johnson on the Wrong End of Federal Suit (PI Window on Business Blog – Mar 25, 2010) Antipsychotic Prescriptions . . . for Children: Is the … Continue reading

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