Being named one of Blog Talk Radio’s top hosts an unexpected honor

When I aired my first show on Blog Talk Radio back on March 26th, 2009 I would have never imagined that I would one day pass the 650 episode mark, let alone be selected as one of the Network’s Top 300 hosts. With 15,000 hosts airing a mind boggling number of shows every day, it … Continue reading

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Blog Talk Radio Founder Alan Levy Will be a Guest on the PI Window on Business on November 17th

Blog Talk Radio represents a renaissance of the old snap, crackle and pop medium of our collective pasts. But is a Blog Talk Radio really that different from traditional radio in terms of successfully gaining and keeping an audience’s interest? On November 17th, in a segment titled “How McDonald’s Real Estate Decisions Impacts Success on … Continue reading

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(A LinkedIn Question) Video Killed The Radio Star… But Will It Save Print Media?

The true power of social media which of course includes social networking is the medium’s ability to disseminate and stimulate dialogue across a vast network both quickly and conveniently. Having just completed a series of posts and corresponding interviews with individuals such as Blog Talk Radio’s Director of Programming Philip Recchia and bestselling author Shel … Continue reading

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