Rocco Pendola misses the mark or, why does traditional media fail to grasp the true reach of social media

In his July 14th article If Major Networks Acted Like Netflix, We Would Call Them Frauds, Rocco Pendola rails at how Netflix has withheld viewership numbers as an indication that their claims that the successful return of the sitcom Arrested Development is questionable. Sadly Pendola obviously does not understand the nature of viewership in the … Continue reading

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Is Anybody Watching? With YouTube Analytics it’s not a question about the number of views but viewer retention

Do you post videos to YouTube? I have to tell you that the “Analytics” tools on YouTube are amazing! If you post videos they are a must as they take you well beyond the basic “views” and “likes” numbers.  If you want to know for example if your message is getting out there, pay particular … Continue reading

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TD Bank’s Green Chair Dialogue First Indication of Mainstream Media’s Move to Conversational Marketing

In a bellwether move that may finally signify the fact that mainstream media such as television have finally grasped the conversational marketing concept that is the hallmark of the social media world, last evening’s commercial in which the “famous” TD Green Chair was occupied by one of the producers of the show CSI talking about … Continue reading

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