Is there such a thing as a relationship warranty (and refund)?

Explore stories of men and women who thought they were happily married until the day they uncovered a shocking secret about their spouse that would leave them asking Who the (BLEEP) Did I Marry? From bank robbers to bigamists to spies, these compelling and sometimes startling characters will have viewers shaking their heads in disbelief … Continue reading

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Has America Lost A Sense of Its Own Greatness or, Why Do Americans Hate Each Other?

(UPDATE Commentary July 27th, 2012: When I originally wrote this article I asked the question “why do Americans hate each other?”  The fact that someone expressed an opinion – in this case the Chick-fil-A CEO, in which some were in disagreement has led to such a vitriolic response does little to dispel the divisive and … Continue reading

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The Constitution is not a Suicide Pact: The questions and perhaps answers regarding The Serial Suicide Killer’s First Amendment Rights can be found in a statement by Abraham Lincoln

Life is often times filled with many ironies accentuated by the intersecting of seemingly unrelated events and elements that transcends both time and perhaps – at least on the surface, logic. Let’s consider the case of William Melchert-Dinkel, who faces trial for coaxing two individuals over the Internet to commit suicide and, by his own … Continue reading

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