Multi-denominational panel convenes to discuss the Muslim prayer controversy at Valley Park Middle School

As indicated in yesterday’s post , I have expended a great deal of electronic ink covering the continuing controversy surrounding the Muslim movement as some have called it, regarding flashpoint crisises ranging from the building of the Ground Zero Mosque to fearful warnings of a global assimilation. Yet despite these newer developments the long standing … Continue reading

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Why is Bloomberg the fall guy for Ground Zero Mosque protestors . . . isn’t GE facilitating its construction?

Your issue isn’t with Bloomberg Andy . . . follow the money. Like all politicians he is influenced by powerful money interests. For example, GE (an American icon corporation) indicates that they “want to become a regular sukuk issuer over time,” having already issued a $500 million bond. In fact, besides “tapping” Islamic investors as … Continue reading

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Fired by the Christian Action Network, Is 911 Hard Hat Pledge Founder Andy Sullivan’s 15 Minutes Up?

“Hey Joan just to let you know they bumped me from the speakers circle at Cali(fornia). 3 thousand miles for nothing . . . I didn’t realize it was to knock me out of the picture and then because I left Cali(fornia). To go back to NY to deal with Rauf Christian Action Network fired … Continue reading

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If you believe that money is power, then history tells us that the Islamic threat is real . . . but are we to blame?

American Dream

Robert Tuttle, the former U.S. Ambassador to London who is now a millionaire businessman, warned in a cable to his bosses at the U.S. Treasury that Britain was getting the jump on the United States at a crucial time. “Should London successfully position itself as a leading Islamic finance center, it could gain an edge … Continue reading

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Amidst 911 Hard Hat Pledge Founder’s erroneous rhetoric may be some important facts that ARE worth knowing and noting

Perdana Website Image

During Wednesday evening’s 49th Parallel Forum broadcast, 911 Hard Hat Pledge Founder Andy Sullivan made several references to New York City Mayor’s Michael Bloomberg’s links to a Shari’ah finance platform.  While he did not go into specific details beyond the assertion and related intimation that Bloomberg is selling America down the river for his own … Continue reading

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Constitution suicide pact debate with 911 Hard Hat Pledge Founder Andy Sullivan is at the heart of the Ground Zero Mosque controversy

Ground Zero Mosque Controversy

During what was undoubtedly one of the most energized and controversial debates to hit the virtual airwaves Andy Sullivan, who’s 911 Hard Hat Pledge organization is committed to derailing the building of what is known as the Ground Zero Mosque, made the statement that “the Constitution is not a suicide note.”  (Note: Remember to tune … Continue reading

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Did a wrong decision in 1952 put America on the wrong side in 1979 . . .

The whole theme behind my posts and commentary leading up to the Wednesday, February 23rd 49th Parallel Forum show “Were the wheels for 9/11 put in motion back in 1952?,” can best be summed up in two words: Unintended Consequences! The fact is that in 1952 under the code name Operation Ajax and, at the … Continue reading

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Wilson’s Memoir on His Battle With Bipolar Both Inspirational and Revealing

William Blakes I Want 1793

As a guest on the PI Window on Business Professor Eric Wilson has tackled the difficult subject of depression and the problems caused by the pharmaceutical industry’s propensity to illegally promote off-label use of anti-psychotic drugs – often times with devastating consequences.  (Note: In my December 13th, 2009 post titled “Antipsychotic Prescriptions . . . … Continue reading

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