PI Syndicated Ping: 21st Century Leadership Survey

Of the many topics that were covered in the 21st Century Leadership segments (June 30th & July 2nd) the one involving what I had termed as a leader’s “shelf life” led to a very interesting discussion.  For example, Henry Ford was obviously a leader of his time whose contribution to the world continues to be … Continue reading

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The Science of Leadership: 6 Questions to Think About

In what became a two-part segment on 21st Century Leadership thanks to a precipitous lightning strike that took us off the air on the June 30th show, a guest panel that included Bill McAneny (Frankenstein’s Manager: Leadership’s Missing Links), Dr. Gaby Cora (Leading Under Pressure), Merydith Willoughby (Sex in the Boardroom), and Forrest Breyfogle III … Continue reading

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21st Century Leadership: An Evolutionary Profile (Guest Video: Dr. Gaby Cora) Best-selling author DR. GABRIELA CORA, MD, FAPA, MBA, whose books including “Leading Under Pressure,” has made her a regular guest and key resource for CNN, FOX, NBC, Lifetime television, the New York Times, Forbes, and Business Week will be a member of our Guest … Continue reading

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