Who really is the greatest NFL QB of all time?

Well it was inevitable that with today being Super Bowl Sunday the question of who is the greatest NFL quarterback of all time would once again come up, especially with either Tom Brady or Eli Manning poised to enter the mythic heights of legendary status with a win on what is undoubtedly one of the … Continue reading

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Fan co-dependency: Why we expect perfection from our heroes and idols says a great deal about us . . .

The model posits three habitual psychological roles (or roleplays) which people often take in a situation: The person who is treated as, or accepts the role of, a victim The person who pressures, coerces or persecutes the victim, and The rescuer, who intervenes out of an ostensible wish to help the situation or the underdog. from the Karpman Drama Triangle – Wikipedia Amongst … Continue reading

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