Food Poisoning: Is the FDA killing us one bite at a time?

“I never ever in a million years thought that I would go organic but, our food industry is similar to the tobacco industry in terms of both the harm they do to our health and the manner in which the FDA has turned a blind eye . . . What can you expect when senior … Continue reading

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Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania is slated to become a major motion picture . . . after listening to my interview with the book’s author Andy Behrman, you will understand why

Bipolar disorder is about buying a dozen bottles of Heinz ketchup and all eight bottles of Windex in stock at the Food Emporium on Broadway at 4:00 a.m., flying from Zurich to the Bahamas and back to Zurich in three days to balance the hot and cold weather (my sweet and sour theory of bipolar … Continue reading

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