An appeal to the employees, parents and acquaintances of McDonald’s in Buckingham . . .

As you undoubtedly know by now, the story regarding our experience at the drive through last July 22nd has been picked-up by the media including the CBC, who yesterday aired our television interview across the entire country.

As our petition continues to gain momentum, we are hopeful that McDonald’s will do the right thing and release the test results without condition.  We are committed to getting to the truth, however long it takes and by whatever means are legally at our disposal.

This being said, and as difficult as it may be for us, there is a time to set aside anger.  All we want to know at this stage is what “store-related compound” was introduced into the shake.  In short, it is not the how or the who, but the what that we are earnestly seeking.

In this context we appeal to anyone from or associated with – either directly or indirectly – the McDonald’s Buckingham location, to provide us with information specifically related to what our 5 year old son Pierce ingested.  We will without judgment but with sincere gratitude receive it.  Now is the time to help!

Please forward any information you may have under full anonymity by mail to:

Pierre-Jean Séguin, Journalist

RNC Média Inc.

171-A, rue Jean-Proulx

Gatineau, Québec   J8Z 1W5

Thank you,

Jon and Jennifer


Please sign our petition to compel McDonald’s to release the test results telling us what was in our son’s milkshake.

McDonald's CBC article





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