Why Are These Women The Real Women of 5 Alive . . .

This Friday at 7:30 PM EDT on Blog Talk Radio we will be airing the debut episode of The Real Women of 5 Alive.

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As the show’s overview indicates, The Real Women of 5 Alive is being heralded as The View . . . With An Attitude.  Featuring Rhonda Ricardo, Maggie Reese, Jennifer Cameron, Heidi Damon and Deborah Chevalier, the ladies will tackle today’s most interesting, controversial and even disturbing issues head on!

Seems pretty straight forward.  However and in the weeks leading up to the broadcast I have been asked many times . . . “Why are these women The Real Women of 5 Alive?”

When Jennifer Cameron first approached me with the idea to do this kind of show, I immediately thought of the popularity of reality television personalities such as Dan from Big Brother or Malcolm, who was a back-to-back competitor on the show Survivor.  Based on these two examples – and many more – it is clear that audiences are looking to connect with real people from the real world to help shape our collective view and understanding of everyday life.

We chose the Women of 5 Alive based on this very principle of unique accessibility and association.  In other words, and even though they have not appeared on a hit reality television show, these women have all come through or documented the kind of life altering experiences to which we can all relate.

Take Maggie Reese.  In her late teens and early adulthood she was an incredible track athlete who received a scholarship and was expected to compete in the Olympics.  However and as the result of a serious mental illness, Maggie found victory in a more important arena . . . life.

Heidi Damon had the courage to do what no one before her had done after falling prey to a brutal attacker . . . she stood up front and center and revealed her name to the world while confronting her attacker on television.  In the process she chose to take control of her situation and become a victor rather than a victim.

Deborah Chevalier’s story is powerful in that her daughter died at the virtual hand of an Internet predator/serial killer who was eventually caught, tried and found guilty for his crimes.  Her’s is a story of a mother’s courage and perseverance in seeking justice, and a reminder of how truly special (and vulnerable) our children are.

As a columnist and writer, Rhonda Ricardo’s book Cherries Over Quicksand reminds us of the true meaning of love as she deftly tackles serious relationship issues with a spirit of hope and humor.

Finally, Jennifer Cameron is a mother of 4 and Internet TV chef whose show The Tasteless Gourmet has made her a favorite guest on local television.  Her story like Maggie’s, reminds us that mental illness does not define who we are and determine what we can accomplish.

In the end, and as the title of the show emphasizes, each one of these remarkable women are “Real Women” who have overcome and then come together to share their thoughts and insights on timely topics ranging from love to breaking news to anything and everything that is of interest to “Real People.”

Be sure to tune in on Friday at 7:30 PM EDT to The Real Women of 5 Alive.


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