Good news for us regular guys . . . Study finds that “women who take the Pill tend to choose as partners men who are less attractive and worse in bed”

I can remember when I wrote my post Ahhhh . . . If only I were the Old Spice Guy!, and thinking are there really guys out there who can seamlessly transition though life on a white horse with a handful of diamonds and swooning ladies.  You know the kind . . . in which all men want to be him and all women want to be with him?

Like the rest of the natural world I, as most men, have had little experience riding an actual horse let alone sporting six pack abs.  In fact the closest most of us ever come to a chiseled midriff is resting a six pack of beer on our bulbous gut while we lay on the couch cheering on a favorite sports team.

Despite the malaise that is our summer of discontent mindset – we the lesser of the male species have secretly wondered if these Adonises were in fact what women really desired or if in truth their tastes were geared towards the more basic fare which is the every day regular guy.

The "regular guy" look works!

Well today I am happy to say that along with our festering aspirations, our collective belief that we were the ones who women really wanted has proven to be the case . . . well at least according to a controversial New Zealand study . . . and okay with women whose minds have been altered by the birth control pill.  But those are mere details!

That’s right, you know what I’m talking about men.  Move over Ryan Reynolds and step aside David Beckham, us regular guys are stepping forward to claim our place in the sunshine of an albeit drug induced, newly discovered dawning of feminine adoration!

According to the study which involved women from Canada, the United States, Czech Republic, and Britain “women who take the Pill tend to choose as partners men who are less attractive and worse in bed.”

Craig Roberts of Stirling University, Scotland, who led the investigation, “suspects the Pill skews the sub-conscious “chemistry” by which a woman makes a mating choice,” opting for the men he described as being genetically dissimilar.  Translation, the pill makes beautiful women slum so to speak when it comes to choosing a mate.

What women really want?

Additional findings reveal that another side effect of the pill is that women “are more attracted to men who appear more caring and reliable – good dads,” said Roberts.

While I will leave it to you to check out “the study” in its entirety, all I can say is this . . . regular guys of the world raise a Bud from your prostrate position on the couch and share in a toast to the advent of regular Joes the world over.  Our time has finally come!


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