Why is my iPhone monthly bill so expensive . . . understanding the true cost of MB throughput before you end up in the poor house!

Someone I know brought up the fact that they were surprised by the bill they received from Bell Mobility (although it could be any carrier) in which over and above their monthly fee they were charged for MB throughput.

With today's iPhones, download size as opposed to time is the cash cow for your carrier

The best analogy I could give is to think of MB throughput as being a seat on the plane.  While you will receive one seat on the plane for free, each time you download from a site such as videos or iTunes or for that matter anything that you download equals an additional seat, and you pay for each seat over the one that comes “free” with your plan.

Now to entice you to buy extra seats, the carrier often times offers free apps.  Too often people equate free apps with free service.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  All the free apps do is serve as a means of enticing you to download more frequently.

What’s the answer?  Understand how many MBs you are allowed each month and then gain an understanding as to what the average MB download is for say a video etc.  You can then begin to budget your download volume accordingly.

To give you an idea as to what the MB size equates . . . a 10 minute audio will take up approximately 9.42 MBs, while a 10 minute video will take up to 38.5 MBs.

These are of course rough estimates, but they will provide you with an idea as to at least do a quick calculation before you download.

One final contemplation . . .

If you as an individual pay on average an extra $50 per month for your download volume – again, equate everything in terms of MB throughout, it may seem like a lot but . . . imagine that Bell for example has 1 million iPhone users who all pay an extra $50 per month.

That represents $50,000 million each month in revenues for the carrier.  Yes . . . iPhone usage is big, BIG business . . . no wonder some carriers offer special discount packages for phones.


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