Personal Branding and Leadership expert Roz Usheroff shares meaningful insights into creating an effective social network profile . . . starting with your picture

From time to time I will encounter a great article or post by a leading industry expert that bears sharing with you as it provides meaningful insight into an important issue or, provides essential advice that can help you to better leverage social networking and media to your business or career advantage. The following is … Continue reading

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The VA’s decision to turn its back on taxpayer savings reflects the same kind of self-serving focus of a Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae

The following is today’s post from the Procurement Insights Blog regarding the Veteran Administration’s decision to stop using purchasing technology that has delivered substantial savings to taxpayers. “Based on the memo, which was sent out Saturday afternoon, Frye wrote he was concerned about over-reliance on FedBid. He has anecdotal evidence that contracting officers are turning … Continue reading

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