After spending considerable time following the Limbaugh – Fluke controversy in the chat rooms and comment streams of the social media world one thing is clear . . . America needs to grow up, stop being petty and for goodness sake get an idea!

At the end of the day while improper and inflammatory . . . the Limbaugh – Fluke controversy pales in comparison to the problems the US faces in terms of an economy and education system that are slipping into a third world status, and a health care system marred by pharmaceutical company corruption and a throughput versus treatment model.

Read for example about the Clark and Fourastie three (now four sector) hypothesis of how a wealthy nation’s economy needs to progress and you will see that America – in fact Western nations as a whole, are overly dependent on the primary and secondary sectors.

Refer to a 2006 report which indicates that anti-psychotic drugs accounted for the single largest expenditure processed through Medicaid of which a sizable percentage of these drugs were prescribed to children under the age of 16.  Let’s also discuss the rampant crimes surrounding the illegal marketing of off-label medications . . . often times with fatal consequences.

How about the absence of a sound immigration policy that allows for what is known as Founders Visas that would allow foreigners who have gained a degree from some of the most prestigious schools in the country to stay here and create new businesses and jobs rather than being forced to leave and seek opportunities elsewhere.

And let’s not forget about the battle between New York and London to become the Shari’ah finance capitals of the world, and the potential contradictions this presents to a divided and increasingly intolerant nation.

Against these issues and others who really cares about the ramblings of a pudgy and opinionated entertainer?

With all due respect, the Limbaugh – Fluke controversy is simplistic, empty calorie dribble that doesn’t mean a pile of beans beyond being easy fodder for entertainers such as Limbaugh or a Megyn Kelly or for that matter Stewart and Maher. While Rome philosophically burns the attention paid to this hyperbolic tripe is tantamount to Nero playing the violin.

Grow Up America . . .


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