Heidi Damon: Don’t Use The “V” Word Unless It’s For Victory!

The victim of a brutal sexual assault confronted her attacker in court and told him: ‘I am not the victim, I’m the victor’.

With that one statement 41 year old Heidi Damon claimed her life as her own, and in the process transcended the traumatic events of August 2009, when then 16 year old Javon Cooper attempted to rape and kill her.

While Cooper, now 18, was recently given a 15 year sentence, Damon has gained both national and international attention for the courage of her convictions in terms of staring down both the perpetrator as well as the normal inclination to become victim.

Even though she is not unscathed she is undaunted, and in her emerging role of a victor’s advocate, Damon’s message is clear . . . no one can take from you what you are unwilling to surrender.

Joining me on a very special BTW! on Friday, February 17th at 9:00 PM EST to talk about a life empowered is Heidi Damon.  Our phone lines as well as chat room will be open so that you can talk with Heidi.

Use the following link to access both the live and on-demand broadcasts of Heidi Damon: Don’t Use The “V” Word Unless It’s For Victory!


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