Who is linking back in to your blog . . . The power of the Three C’s of social media success

Back in November my post “The Three Cs of Social Media Success . . . and it is absolutely FREE with no strings attached!” introduced the Content – Context – Contact model for social media success.

For those who may have missed the original post, here is a quick review of what I mean when I talk about Content – Context – Contact (and yes it is worth repeating);

Content: You have something meaningful to share with the world

Context: Your content is relevant with what is happening in the world right now

Contact: Your content is shared or cross-pollinated across blogs, traditional and electronic print mediums, radio and Internet TV, social networks and social network groups

Of course the true test of any strategy or approach is quite simple . . . does it work!  I am not talking about mere anecdotal reference dressed up with buzz SEO terminology, but actual and trackable data or proof of contact.

In this regard a report (or in this case picture) is truly worth a thousand words . . .

Who is linking back in to your blog . . .

The fact is there is no real mystery to social media success.

As discussed at length in my December post “Into the belly of the SEO Beast . . .,” no amount of SEO word play, contrived content or for that matter any smoke and mirrors – we have the secret formula voodoo will deliver anything beyond empty promises and wallets.

At the end of the day if you want the New York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post and other major media like CBS News to link back to your blog posts, or for that matter anyone in your target audience, you must recognize the immutable truth that Content truly is king.  Having something meaningful to say that provides a unique perspective within the context of breaking news stories will get you both noticed and read . . . and in the process will build a sustained following.

Of course the one caveat, and isn’t there always at least one, is that you have to have a greater interest in what the world is talking about than just in what you have to say.

This means that you have to, with an insatiable appetite, become a reservoir of news feeds and have a sense or instinct for diverse and even off the beaten track venues, for these are indeed the ties that bind content with context and leads to that all important connection with your audience . . . and ultimately the know, like and trust relationships that create business opportunities.


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