Social networking etiquette 101: Changing your comment in a comment stream after someone responds to your original post is a big NO-NO!

Facebook Discussion Stream . . .

Original Poster: No Jon that was repost of what i said before with some grammatical errors corrected and avoid misunderstanding of what I am tying to say.

My Response: This is a comment stream Mr. Ortega and as such grammatical errors as such are acceptable . . . editing a comment after a response has been posted draws the entire discussion into question . . .

Did I say THAT?!?

I had never prior to today given the topic of changing one’s original comment after receiving a response or responses from those in the network (even if said said comment proved to be unpopular), much thought.  Of course the thought of altering my original post or comment in an open dialogue stream, in and of itself would not have crossed my mind as the whole idea of interacting with fellow networkers is to call em as you see em and to let the conversational chips fall where they may.  This I believe is key to maintaining the creditability of on-line discussions.

While it is human nature to sometimes say things we might in thoughtful retrospect regret, as well as wish we could go back and un-ring the bell so to speak, in real life conversations once you have said it, it is out there.  This is one of the reasons why I appreciate LinkedIn’s platform in that you have only 15 minutes to make changes to a comment after it has been posted in a kind of you better change it now or forever hold your peace manner.

Sadly, and as I discovered earlier today, such safeguards are absent from the Facebook platform meaning that all participants in an on-line discussion are operating under the honor system.

So here is the question . . . should those who participate in on-line discussions be allowed to change their original post or comment if it proves to be unpopular or that their position is an untenable one in that it cannot be supported by fact?

Or to put it another way, if your original post or comment proved to be unpopular or cannot be substantiated would you change it or delete it in its entirety?


3 Responses to “Social networking etiquette 101: Changing your comment in a comment stream after someone responds to your original post is a big NO-NO!”
  1. cameron says:

    did I do something wrong?

  2. eachmorning says:

    Depending on the venue, think shoiuld be allowed to edit messages. Sometimes after-the-fact you find spelling or wording errors. But, don’t think that I would go and change something because it wasn’t popular or in agreement with others. I mean, isn’t that what all this internet and social networking is about? At least that’s what everyone was saying a week ago when talking about resticting on-line piracy and such with Congressional laws and regulations.

    • piblogger says:

      I agree with your last statement eachmorning and, the only trouble I have with the editing relative to typos is that once you open that door can it be limited to just that?

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