Social networking etiquette 101: Changing your comment in a comment stream after someone responds to your original post is a big NO-NO!

Facebook Discussion Stream . . . Original Poster: No Jon that was repost of what i said before with some grammatical errors corrected and avoid misunderstanding of what I am tying to say. My Response: This is a comment stream Mr. Ortega and as such grammatical errors as such are acceptable . . . editing … Continue reading

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(A Blackberry Diary) Your ship has just struck the iceberg and you are now wearing the captain’s hat . . . what’s your next move?

While industry pundits will invariably attribute the recent resignations of RIM’s co-leadership tandem of Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis to technical shortcomings and the absence of a progressive leadership vision, there is for the new man at the helm Thorsten Heins, a unwelcoming market scrutiny that the founders never had to face when they built … Continue reading

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