Social networking etiquette 101: Changing your comment in a comment stream after someone responds to your original post is a big NO-NO!

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Facebook Discussion Stream . . . Original Poster: No Jon that was repost of what i said before with some grammatical errors corrected and avoid misunderstanding of what I am tying to say. My Response: This is a comment stream Mr. Ortega and as such grammatical errors as such are acceptable . . . editing … Continue reading

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(A Blackberry Diary) Your ship has just struck the iceberg and you are now wearing the captain’s hat . . . what’s your next move?

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While industry pundits will invariably attribute the recent resignations of RIM’s co-leadership tandem of Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis to technical shortcomings and the absence of a progressive leadership vision, there is for the new man at the helm Thorsten Heins, a unwelcoming market scrutiny that the founders never had to face when they built … Continue reading

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Criminal Profiler Pat Brown on The Mark In Lululemon Yoga Store Killing

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I am at once humbled and honored when guests routinely tell me that they appreciate the thorough and thoughtful research I put into every show that we air on the Blog Talk Radio Network. To me comments such as these, as well as those from listeners who indicate that we had provided them with new … Continue reading

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A personal journey into the snake pit: Quebec’s ailing mental health care system first requires reformation as opposed to increased funding?

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Every year on the island of Montreal, approximately 142,000 people (7.6% of the population) use the mental health services offered through the health care system . . . However, due to a lack of organization in mental health services specialized psychiatric hospitals like the Douglas find themselves obliged to respond to an ever-increasing demand, which … Continue reading

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By making the Ener1 bankruptcy a political issue, the press is missing the real story regarding stock fraud and our continuing reliance on fossil fuels

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Rather than go into a long dissertation in which I provide my usual in depth analysis, I am going to take a page from Seth Godin’s blog and reduce today’s post to a few quick and easy to grasp sound bites, as I believe that it is truly important to get beyond the trees and … Continue reading

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Credit cards are the crack cocaine of the financial world

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In an article that appeared today in the Financial Post, it was suggested that “poor people” as they called them do not spend money. Nothing can be further from the truth. Specifically, and referencing my August 21st, 2010 post below, credit card debt is at a staggering level in which low income earners are the … Continue reading

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The Kodak picture fades to black from self-inflicted wounds

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The really sad part is that Kodak was actually the first to develop a viable digital imaging platform – I was involved in converting their first continuous tone printer from military to commercial use. To their detriment, and because they were raking in huge profits from film they viewed the emergence of digital imaging as … Continue reading

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Is Fox News’ Cupcake Kelly’s shot at Newsweek’s Sullivan a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

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So here you have it again, yet another elitist “professional” journalist calling into question a blogger’s credentials. I am of course talking about Fox News’ Megyn Kelly who in criticizing the recent Newsweek cover story which asked “Why Are Obama’s Critics So Dumb,” questioned the credentials of its author Andrew Sullivan. Specifically Kelly, on a … Continue reading

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Higher Ed This Month Breaking News Story . . . Romney Controversial Support of Orlando College and Apple’s eTextbook

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While the new Higher Ed This Month Show on Blog Talk Radio is scheduled to air live the last Thursday of every month, we also know that sometimes the world of higher education doesn’t work on a set time schedule in terms of developing news. So when I received an e-mail from eCampus News Assistant … Continue reading

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Is censorship in our universities’ classrooms acceptable?

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In the most recent issue of eCampus News there is an interesting story about a decision by University of Missouri officials to ban students from recording lectures due to a controversy whereby a conservative blogger with an obvious agenda distilled hours of discussion down to a conclusion that the professor and a classroom colleague were … Continue reading

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