Release of Gretzy Family’s Début Album During Christmas Very Exciting

Wow . . . did you see the cover shot from the Gretzy Family’s new album?!  Traditionalists all the way through, the Great Ones’ are assuming poses reminiscent of the memorable family bands from the past such as the Cowsills . . .

While I haven’t had the chance to actually listen to any of the cuts from the album I can only imagine the impressive array of hits.  Wayne’s solo of “The Hockey Song” for example will likely be a stand-out as a single.

Of course the incomparable Mrs. G’s reprisal of her Phys Ed teacher character in the remix of the Van Halen classic Hot For Teacher will show that she hasn’t lost a step despite having 5 children.  Although one might reasonably expect that the corresponding video for this latest version will be for obvious reasons, a bit toned down.

One thing is for certain, and in a kind of ironic twist, her planned solo cover of the Kenny Rogers hit The Gambler will reflect a cathartic melancholy.  The fact that the song will likely début at the 2012 Heritage Classic, making a similar impression that Paulina’s I Will Remember You did at the same venue back in 2003, demonstrates the pure marketing genius behind this project!

Speaking of Paulina, who is the indisputable musical talent of the family, her reprisal of Collecting Dust – which is also the title track from the album itself, promises to revive a sagging career that for some explicable reason never went beyond a one time play on MTV’s Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County show.

What is interesting, and for those who are inclined to believe what comes out of the Tinsel Town rumour mill, if this new album is a hit, then Paulina may be asked to score the soundtrack for a new MTV reality series starring Laguna Beach alum Lauren Conrad.

All-in-all though, and in the grand tradition of William Shatner, Leonard NimoyEddie Murphy and William Hung, a Gretzky Family album was as inevitable (and as much anticipated) as death and taxes.

Available through fine stores everywhere under the K-TEL record label!

The Album Title Collecting Dust Seems Appropriate

NOTE: Post reprinted with non-existent permission from the tongue in cheek blog A Nudge and A Wink!


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  1. piblogger says:

    PS . . . doesn’t the kid on the far right sitting down look like Justin Timberlake with glasses?

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