Who’s right about Occupy Wall Street . . . Cenk Uygur or Adam Carolla?

As these two media heavyweights entered the ring of contention over the Occupy Wall Street movement with Cenk clearly coming down on the OWS side of the debate and Adam . . . well, Adam is calling it as he sees it, what is the real story?

Having interviewed Cenk on the PI Window regarding the woes on Wall Street (The Failings of Institutional Advisers and How You Can Grab The Bull by the Horns!) and, listening to the Adam Carolla video both are right but too extreme on each side of the issue.

While my post “All that is missing from the Herman Cain and Occupy Wall Street advocates “debate” is Kevin Costner and Sean Young . . .” (http://wp.me/p1h552-ai) discusses the fact that both Wall Street avarice and Occupy Wall Street’s entitlement attitude disguised as a movement for social change are the driving factors behind what is happening, an important point is being missed.

Who is footing the bill for these two losers?  Once again it is ultimately everyday Americans.  No wonder the middle class is disappearing and 3 million more school children (21 million in all) are dependent on their school’s meal programs to eat.

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