PI Social Media Network Tackles Diverse Issues through Blogs, Radio and Internet TV Shows

Like the ripple effect that occurs when you drop a pebble in the middle of a still water pond, the PI Social Media Network has grown from a single blog focusing on procurement in 2007 to 13 blogs, 4 radio shows and 1 fledgling Internet TV channel today.

The obvious question, besides how I find the time to write and host so many different venues is why?  Why expand?

Well it turns out that I have a driving passion for a variety of topics and the desire to write about and share the views of those who make the news happen.

While procurement is without a doubt my first love so to speak, having written 915 posts in the Procurement Insights blog there is obviously no surprise in this disclosure, I find that I have an interest and perhaps as some have suggested a knack for providing a unique lens through which to view stories from the world of politics, entertainment and finance to name only a few.

This of course represents that ripple to which I had referred earlier, a ripple that has seen the PI Social Media Network expand into many different blogs and mediums each with their own specific focus.

For example the 49th Parallel Forum and corresponding radio show is the ideal venue through which to comment on politics and that which impacts our society as whole including health care.

In terms of law enforcement and the legal system, the True Profiler featuring leading criminal profiler Pat Brown and Policing America blogs provides both an indepth and intelligent take on the day’s biggest headlines.

From the world of business, there are no other venues that will take you deeper into a story than the PI Window on Business blog and radio show.  Referred to as being intelligently probing and highly engaging, industry experts have called the PI Window one of the most popular podcasts in North America.

There are of course other exciting new blogs and radio shows such as Buckingham This Week! which tackles national issues with a regional focus and The Host’s Reading Room which features excerpts from the three books that I have written.

And as I have already mentioned, there is the venerable flagship Procurement Insights blog which has an incredibly strong following that has grown dramatically since being launched in May 2007.

All in all, I feel very fortunate that each of these new venues have been so well received and look forward to serving your diverse interests with great stories and amazing guests.

Remember to visit the PI Social Media Network Portal to check out all of our entertaining venues from a single, convenient location.


3 Responses to “PI Social Media Network Tackles Diverse Issues through Blogs, Radio and Internet TV Shows”
  1. Bravo…Having The “Buckingham This Week” podcast has not only been informative in and of itself, I have had the opportunity to become aware of radio-internet-podcasts of my favorite spritual leaders and artistic trainers…Bravo…you have enriched my communication skills and thus…my life…again, Bravo!

  2. Val Oliver says:

    The first word that comes to mind to describe you is DYNAMO, Jon. Congratulations to you for doing what you love, loving what you do, and sharing it all with us. Continued success with the various forms through which you communicate and interact on PI Social Media Network. I hope we can collaborate together again soon! ~Val Oliver, Creative Director, Media Classics

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