Why my friend Josh from New Jersey would be an ideal candidate for the Yahoo CEO position

No doubt you have read the many stories and references I have made in various posts concerning my friend Josh from New Jersey. Partly the inspiration for my popular Ahhhh . . . If only I were the Old Spice Guy! . . . okay THE inspiration, Josh’s story is an interesting one in that originally hailing from … Continue reading

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Fan co-dependency: Why we expect perfection from our heroes and idols says a great deal about us . . .

The model posits three habitual psychological roles (or roleplays) which people often take in a situation: The person who is treated as, or accepts the role of, a victim The person who pressures, coerces or persecutes the victim, and The rescuer, who intervenes out of an ostensible wish to help the situation or the underdog. from the Karpman Drama Triangle – Wikipedia Amongst … Continue reading

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