After the cheering stops: The life of a professional athlete

Robert Bronk in his days as an Argo

With local teams such as the Philemon Falcons sporting a perfect 5 and 0 record and entertaining the possibility of a championship one has to wonder how many players are presently nurturing the dream of one day making it all the way to the pros?

This week on BTW! we will be joined by former professional athletes Milan Topolovec, Trevor Kennerd and Robert Bronk to talk about life before, during and after their respective careers in the Canadian Football League.

Check out Trevor Kennerd at the video’s 6:08 mark kicking the go ahead field goal in the 1988 Grey Cup Game

What’s interesting is that unlike the rest of us Al Bundy’s who it seems with each passing year add yet another touchdown, goal or home run to our illustriously imagined careers, these are individuals who represent what has to be the smallest percentage of people in the world who actually get to pursue their athletic dreams before millions of people . . . and make a living at it!

But what did it take to scale the heights and what did they gain from their experience after the cheers are gone?  It should be an interesting segment.

Former Ottawa Rough Rider lineman Milan Topolovec


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