In the grand old carnival tradition of bearded ladies and one-eyed men The Haunted Collector puts on quite a show . . . while relieving you of your valuables

My relationship with my partner Jennifer has over the years been likened to a segment of Dharma and Greg in that the differences between us have often times led to unexpected turns and unplanned journeys into the unknown. This can and does have its humorous side including the fact that if not for her I would have … Continue reading

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Even though I didn’t know it at the time my 1996 MacLean’s magazine Letter to the Editor about sexual Predator Paul Bernardo was perhaps my first published blog post

Besides the cleaning out of the old to make way for the new exercise, you know what’s great about going through your old business stuff in the basement . . . you find some pretty amazing things. Like the lines within the trunk of a tree that mark the passing of years, these forgotten treasures … Continue reading

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