Amadou Saidy where are you?

Ama-Ama- Doo, Where Are You?

We Got Some Work To Do Now

Ama-Ama-Doo, Where Are You?

We Need Some Help From You Now.

Lyrics from the song Scooby Doo

It seemed to start out with a flurry of messages this new friendship of mine with Amadou Saidy.

Out of nowhere one day up pops this text on my Facebook chat screen with the words “dat i miss u
are u there i will like to tell u something in will be here in next 5 houres.”

From there the conversation quickly turned to one of world economics as Amadou then made the insightful statement “money is problem” followed by the a very probing question “an u?”

After assuring my new found Facebook friend that I was doing quite well financially speaking, thank you very much, he then shared his economic challenges revealing the “nothing i she money is my problem u seh not u ok is my problem is money.”

From there, I sought to foster this great dialogue and bolster the confidence of my pal with the following words of comfort;

  • Having a job helps . . . where do you work, what is your government doing to help you, do you think the current MLB playoff format works or would you go back to the old days and what’s up with Charlie Sheen?

  • And another thing, is Cheeze Whiz really cheese?

  • Hello Amadou? Are you there? Hello?

  • By the way, what would chairs look like if our knees bent the other way?

Sadly, I have not heard back from Amadou since.  I then thought maybe Amadou may not even be his real name but a portly guy named Josh from New Jersey . . . and maybe Josh wasn’t interested in friendship and a good old fashioned discussion, but perhaps in trying to get some easy cash from me?  Is that even possible?

Is Amadou really Josh from New Jersey?

Because these as well as other questions are so perplexing, I thought that I would take proactive measures to find Amadou or Josh or whoever he is just to make certain that he is okay.

So starting with this article, I will be posting Amadou’s picture everywhere throughout the entire social networking world in the hopes that he will be found and readily identifiable so that if he contacts you, you will be ready and know what to do.


2 Responses to “Amadou Saidy where are you?”
  1. piblogger says:

    Amadou update . . . so my new Facebook friend is asking for money . . . whatever should I do? 😉

  2. piblogger says:

    Okay . . . let’s take a poll here – how many think that Amadou is really someone named Burt from Des Moines . . .

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