Bullying is not just a schoolyard problem . . .

According to the 5 time bestselling author, who’s latest book “Your Kids Are Your Own Fault” Larry Winget, little schoolyard bullies often grow up to be be big, workplace bullies.

While Larry, who was a member of our guest panel (which also included criminal profiler Pat Brown and think Like A Black Belt’s Jim Bouchard), for the The Face of Bullying in America: What To Do If Your Child Becomes The Target of a Bully segment, the discussion inevitably turned to what one should do if they encounter a bully in adult life.

In this regard, Larry as well as Pat and Jim, offered some interesting and practical advice to address a problem that is to a certain extent becoming an epidemic in the workplace, costing businesses tens of millions of dollars and more each and every year.

Have a listen and let me know your thoughts on the best way to handle a workplace bully.


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