A subtle, perhaps unintended parting shot at departed star Charlie Sheen?

Besides such classics as In The Thick of It (see the previous post from today), Arrested Development, Fawlty Towers and Greg The Bunny, I count amongst my favourite comedies Two And A Half Men.  I know some of you may point to other series such as for example MASH, which while technically a comedy tackled serious social issues so that it was more of a dramedy.  We could probably go on forever as to the all time best list.  But this isn’t a best list just my own personal like list.

Now one of the things that has always drawn me to certain shows is obviously the intelligence behind the writing that reflects a real-life observance quality with good comedic timing.  The frenetic pace of a Fawlty Towers comes instantly to mind . . . I wonder if I was the only one who had to take a nap after watching one of the only thirteen episodes ever made?

While perhaps not always as fast paced as a Basil Fawlty, Two And A Half Men delivered and delivers at times snappy one liners that can on occasion be easily missed.  Perhaps that’s a sign of a truly smart show versus one that relies heavily on pratfalls and flatulence to gain a chuckle or two.

One such example was during this past Monday’s show that I am certain fell below the radar of most viewers . . . at least based on the feedback I have initially received in my Facebook comment stream.

I am of course talking about the scene with the bikini clad girl who weeping upon hearing the news of Charlie’s death from Alan, immediately lit up and delivered the equivalent of a “Charlie who” comment when Ashton Kutcher’s character entered the room.

Whether unintentional or not, I loved it for many reasons including the fact that for the rest of this new season, and with a “Where’s Waldo” scrutinizing eye and ear, I will look forward to other hidden stick it to Charlie comments.  Perhaps we can even make a game of it by awarding prizes to the individuals who pick-up the most comments that deride the toxically verbose, intolerably insufferable Sheen.

Where's Charlie . . . Who Cares!

Even though one should never underestimate the collective effort it takes to make a hit comedy, from the writers to the actors to the key grips behind the scenes, one thing is abundantly clear . . . a well written show can survive the loss of a star, but a star can never survive without the aforementioned supporting cast.

So far this year, Two And A Half Men has proven this point, and proven it quite well thank you.


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