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National issues with a regional focus it’s Buckingham This Week!

As a featured host on Blog Talk Radio I have had the privilege of  interviewing some of the most amazing people from the world of politics, business and entertainment.

Trade Minister Stockwell Day on Buy American Controversy (Click to Listen)

Reaching a collective audience of more than 2 million people each month worldwide through my shows the PI Window and, the 49th Parallel Forum with American co-host Jim Bouchard, I have tackled some of the most controversial and thought-provoking topics of the day.

Ground Zero Mosque Controversy (Click to Listen)

With Buckingham This Week!, I will touch on those stories that impact this community of 12,000 (and growing) that rests just outside of the nation’s capital Ottawa.

Besides commentary and guests, the show’s format will also include a call-in and chat room capability so that your opinions can be shared and heard both here at home and around the globe.

For those interested in sponsorship opportunities .  .  . reach your target audience like never before!

So why does Buckingham This Week! represent such a great sponsorship opportunity for area businesses to reach a targeted geographic audience?

Introducing the Buckingham Portal:

The Buckingham Portal (which was followed by the launch of portals for Wakefield and Aylmer),  is an electronic community center focusing on our local people, businesses, charities, heritage, and so much more.

The referral aspect of the portals are amazing in that someone who requires a service will communicate this through a comment or post and within minutes the references pop up from the community at large.

What is exciting is that the reach extends beyond the immediate region to include Canada because people who were rooted in our area moved yet now have the opportunity to stay in touch.  Therefore the portal and the corresponding blog are visited on a daily basis through which the word of mouth sharing of information is a key part of how “friends” connect with one another.  I do not have to tell you how powerful word of mouth references can be for any business!

And this leads me to the news of an exciting sponsorship opportunity for area businesses.

The PI Social Media Network (of which the PI Window on Business is a part), teamed up with the Buckingham Portal and on September 2nd aired the premier episode of “Buckingham This Week” on Blog Talk Radio.

A live talk radio show featuring A-list guests such as we did in the first segment with criminal profiler Pat Brown (Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew and Larry King Live), and television’s Cop Doc Dr. Richard Weinblatt (Fox News and MSNBC), is standard fare for what is and will continue to be an energized and highly entertaining 45 minute program.

The Buckingham gunman . . . are our schools safe?! (Click to Listen)

Needless to say the regional impact of a show focusing on timely local topics with a national impact that engages leading industry experts as guests, brings the world to Buckingham, and with it a growing audience on top of the existing 2 million that already follow the PI Social Media Network.

I hope that you will join our growing cast of great sponsors.

Contact Jennifer Cameron at or for additional information including rates.

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