PR Expert Marsha Friedman delivers some “sound” advice for those hoping to make it big as a talk radio host

I have to tell you that when I first had EMSI’s Marsha Friedman on the PI Window it was an energetic segment in which the PR marketing diva delivered solid insights into what people have to do to establish their brand in the vast sea that is the Internet world.

What’s interesting is that before we started using the term brand, our social impact or imprint was in reality our reputation.  The only difference within today’s global neigborhoods as Shel Israel called them in his book Twitterville: How Businesses Can Thrive in the New Global Neighborhoods, is that our reach extends far beyond what anyone could have ever imagined years ago.

One such venue that extends this reach is of course radio, and while Marsha’s article focuses on the traditional medium, I personally have always been a big believer in the emerging Internet Radio platforms such as Blog Talk Radio “BTR” as the ideal means through which one can establish their local and global presence.

In fact, I even wrote a book about my experiences as a host borrowing the tag line that every BTR host hears just before their show goes live to what is more than 12 million listeners each month.  I am of course talking about Your Show Will Go Live in 5 Seconds (Confessions of a Blog Talk Radio Host).

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With more than 300 shows under my proverbial belt, it might even be safe say to say that I am as much of a fan of BTR as I am a host, having had the privilege of sharing the virtual airwaves with great guests and a rapidly growing listener base since my first broadcast back in March 2009.

While I will strongly suggest that you read Marsha’s post in its entirety through the following link (So You Want to Be The Next Big Talk Show Star?), I will share with you the same suggestion I had made in my comments on her blog;

I have to tell you that making your own way in terms of building a rep as a talk radio host has never been more accessible to anyone who is willing to invest the time and energy into developing a memorable brand.

Everything that Marsha has said makes good sense. The only thing I would suggest is to investigate platforms such as Blog Talk Radio where you can test the waters so to speak in terms of a free package.

While there are limitations with the free service, such as not being able to air your show during what is considered prime time hours, the fact that on-demand audiences represent a significant percentage of overall listeners means that you will still build a strong and loyal following.

In terms of terrestrial or regular radio, buying time is a good route to go however I would still be inclined to build my audience over the Internet medium first so that you can offset costs when (and if) you make the move to the traditional medium by way of having sponsors already on-board.

Once again, use the previously provided link to access Marsha’s post on the EMSI website, as well as tune in to my on-demand interview with Marsha through Celebritize Yourself: How To Stand Up and Stand Out.


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