Is Islamic Fundamentalism the 21st century version of communism?

Islamic Fundamentalism is more insidious that communism or, as one guest panelist during last evening’s broadcast contended, Fascism and the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany, in that it is not confined to a specific geographic region which serves as a central launching pad for intended global expansion.  In essence, the enemy already walks amongst us as our neighbor, business associate and yes even school district supervisor.

This was just one of the more controversial and thought-provoking revelatory warnings delivered in much the same way that Scotty in the 1951 SciFi classic The Thing, encouraged the world to be vigilant to alien invasion by admonishing all those listening to his broadcast to keep watching the skies.

Now I am not trying to trivialize the potential threat, as there are elements of undeniable and disconcerting truths that an invasion of sorts is taking place, especially when the discussion ventures into the realms of the growing power and influence of the Islamic Sahri’ah Finance Platform.  For those wanting to gain a better understanding of what exactly the financial angle entails, here are the links to two PI Window blog posts from earlier this year titled If you believe that money is power, then history tells us that the Islamic threat is real . . . but are we to blame? and,Why is Bloomberg the fall guy for Ground Zero Mosque protestors . . . isn’t GE facilitating its construction?.

What I am saying however is that the validity and mainstream acceptance of any concerns regarding Islamic Fundamentalist expansion and assimilation on a global basis, will be influenced by the manner in which the warnings are delivered by those who envision themselves as being the bellwether messengers of a pending threat.

Make no mistake, this is indeed a fine line of delivery in that there are inherent risks that such claims will be perceived as unwarranted fear mongering, reminiscent of the McCarthy era Red Scare which inadvertently detracted from the very real threat that communism posed to our North American way of life.

Similar to this Second Red Scare that dominated the American psyche between 1947 and 1957 (the first occurred in the U.S. from 1919 to 1920), which was focused on fears that national and foreign communists were influencing society or infiltrating the federal government, or both, Islamic Fundamentalism according to our guest panel is even more insidious in its penetration into key areas of our society.

Putting aside the politeness for which we Canadians are known, there was an undeniably harsher edge to the responses delivered by representatives from both the Canadian Hindu Advocacy and the Christian Heritage Party pertaining to the school prayer controvers­y in Toronto, than those expressed by 911 Hard Hat Pledge Founder Andy Sullivan, during my interview with him regarding his organization’s issues with the proposed building of the Ground Zero Mosque in New York City.

This vociferous expression of conviction included the following observations:

  • that this is not a question of religious freedom as Islam is a political ideology cloaked in a religion of purported peace
  • that the extent of the Muslim infiltrati­on in the Canadian school system is already extensive and therefore it may be too late to stem the tide
  • that immigratio­n from Sahri’ah law countries must be curtailed and confined to only those who are being persecuted by Islamic Fundamenta­lists
  • that the followers of other faiths, especially the indigenous Christian populace has been too concerned with their own lives and have in effect been sleeping at the wheel
  • that it took 3 years for this to come to the coalitions attention because as was the case in Delaware with the Indian Lake School District, there was a fear that raising concerns would lead to reprisals

Remember, you can listen to the on-demand version of the live 60 minute broadcast at your convenience through the following link; Is Valley Park Middle School Canada’s Ground Zero Mosque?.

These as well as the many other points that were raised in a respectful but lively where there is smoke there is fire discussion, including the assertion that two-thirds of the Qurʾan is focused on political ideology and only one-third actually deals with issues of religious faith, ultimately created more questions and with it awareness of an impending threat from within to our way of life.

While we may be somewhat reluctant to contemplate both the nature and degree of said threat as we, as one panelist put it, are more focused on managing the personal demands of everyday life, the truth of the matter is that there are very real dangers on the near horizon that warrant our keeping our eyes on the skies.


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