Tasers, Abortions and Parenting: Behind the Curtain of Policing America Controversial, Thought-Provoking and Even Disturbing

Well I am happy to say that my and Dr. Richard Weinblatt’s book is finally released through a special Publisher’s Advanced eBook version and we think that you will be very pleased.

To start, we discuss some of the today’s most controversial topics that have in many instances dominated the headlines including the serial suicide Killer William Melchert-Dinkel’s trial and bullying in our nation’s schools.  There are of course a variety of studies that are certain to stir the pot of controversy such as reports which indicate that there is a correlation between the legalization of abortion and crime rates, as well as whether or not pot should be legalized.

As 5 time New York Times/Wall Street Journal bestselling author Larry Winget put it, this book is going to rile folks up as well as having many people yell “Amen!”  And at the Publisher’s Special advanced release price of $9.95 you can save big!

Click the book cover below to purchase your copy of Tasers, Abortions and Parenting: Behind the Curtain of Policing America!

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