For Illegal Immigrants it’s Tim Horton’s and Beaver Tails Over Mom and Apple Pie

North Americans might believe illegal aliens sneak into Canada as a way to reach the United States. But a recent Wikileaks cable says U.S. officials have spotted a trend: some immigrants are ditching the American Dream for life in the Great White North.

from the May 2nd, 2011 post Illegal immigrants choose Canada over U.S. by Nevil Hunt

During the most recent 49th Parallel Forum broadcast I had made a dubious reference to Maine regarding it’s appeal as a destination by way of the old Vaudeville spirited joke that first prize in a contest was a week in Maine and that second prize was two weeks in Maine. . . . badump de bump . . .

On the heals of that less than complimentary commentary my 49th co-host Jim Bouchard now has to deal with the revelation that Canada, and not the US is the number one destination of choice for illegal immigrants. We win again . . . I think?

Has Bucky The Beaver become the defacto replacement for Lady Liberty?

Just think about this for a minute, on the eve of the Canadian elections in which we as a nation have finally gotten off the fence and taken the plunge in terms of electing a majority Conservative government – for my friends south of the 49th, the Conservative Party is the polite version of your Republican Party, we now find that The Great White North is the new land of opportunity for the huddled masses of the world.

This is a watershed moment that is tantamount to taking your cousin to the prom or finding a buy one – get one free meal coupon to a restaurant that closed the previous week.

Of course you know what this new found popularity means don’t you . . . we now have increased domestic competition for social assistance which as I had discussed in my February 10th post “Ahhhh . . . If only I were the Old Spice Guy!” may make it a tad more difficult for those born in this country to realize their ideal Canadian selves. Good thing the NDP Party became the official opposition at the Federal level for the first time in Canadian History. Again for my American friends, the NDP Party would best be described as being the equivalent of Obama’s democrats on steroids.

So what does this all mean in the big scheme of things? Will Ontario like Arizona be driven to create new legislation to prevent the inward flow of illegal aliens . . . where is a Jan Brewer some might ask, when you need one! By the way, who is Larry, Barry and Terry?

Will crime skyrocket and will an already overtaxed healthcare system collapse under the weight of social obligation? It is of course too early to tell.

That being said, all I have to say is “the Giants win the pennant, the Giants win the pennant,” or in this case welcome to Canada eh.


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