Tasers, Abortions and Parenting: Behind the Curtain of Policing America Controversial, Thought-Provoking and Even Disturbing

Well I am happy to say that my and Dr. Richard Weinblatt’s book is finally released through a special Publisher’s Advanced eBook version and we think that you will be very pleased. To start, we discuss some of the today’s most controversial topics that have in many instances dominated the headlines including the serial suicide Killer William Melchert-Dinkel’s … Continue reading

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New Book Alert: Tasers, Abortions and Parenting: Behind The Curtain of Policing America

“What a fascinating read. It’s going to rile folks up as well as having many people yell “Amen!”  It will also, probably for the first time, give people an understanding about the direction our society is heading and give them some idea how we got to where we are now.  Plus, your chapter on parenting … Continue reading

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Unmasking stardom and mental illness: Here is why the shine is off Sheen as well as other mega stars

One never knows where an interview will ultimately go, even with an established track of questions. On Wednesday evening I had the privilege of interviewing Lisa Haisha, who besides being the personal counselor to some of America’s biggest Hollywood stars and executives, as well as the originator of the unique and powerful counseling approach known … Continue reading

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Poll respondent shares one of the most powerful messages I have ever read re bin Laden’s burial at sea

“I served in Desert Storm where Col. Tim Collins delivered this important message before the main assault, and it has stuck with me to this day. Extract of the Collins speech “We go to liberate, not to conquer. We will not fly our flags in their country. We are entering Iraq to free a people … Continue reading

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For Illegal Immigrants it’s Tim Horton’s and Beaver Tails Over Mom and Apple Pie

North Americans might believe illegal aliens sneak into Canada as a way to reach the United States. But a recent Wikileaks cable says U.S. officials have spotted a trend: some immigrants are ditching the American Dream for life in the Great White North. from the May 2nd, 2011 Sympatico.ca post Illegal immigrants choose Canada over … Continue reading

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A banality of evil or an attitude of entitlement: Which of the two poses the greatest threat to a free society?


When she coined the phrase the banality of evil in relation to Adolf Otto Eichman, political theorist Hannah Arendt raised the question of whether evil is radical or simply a function of thoughtlessness—the tendency of ordinary people to obey orders and conform to mass opinion without critically thinking about the results of their action or … Continue reading

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Antipsychotic Prescriptions . . . for Children: Is the Medicaid Story Today’s Version of Go Ask Alice? (UPDATE for 2011)

In December 2009 I wrote the following article based on the alarming disclosure in a New York Times article that the prescribing of anti-psychotic drugs to children between the ages of 3 and 17 had dramatically increased. At that time I was unaware of the documentary The Drugging of Our Children by Gary Null (see … Continue reading

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