Why is Bloomberg the fall guy for Ground Zero Mosque protestors . . . isn’t GE facilitating its construction?

Your issue isn’t with Bloomberg Andy . . . follow the money. Like all politicians he is influenced by powerful money interests. For example, GE (an American icon corporation) indicates that they “want to become a regular sukuk issuer over time,” having already issued a $500 million bond.

In fact, besides “tapping” Islamic investors as part of an $8 billion strategy, GE, expressed their hope that “other Western players would follow GE Capital’s lead and issue sukuks.” Isn’t this sleeping with the enemy Andy?

Like any politician, Bloomberg will one day be gone, yet the power money intent on cultivating the Islamic financial pool- including the driving force behind the Islamic Financial Platform (and other similar vehicles) will remain. Why not go after GE?  Bloomberg is after all just a political pawn for big business and Wall Street in America.

from a Facebook conversation stream with 911 Hard Hat Pledge Founder Andy Sullivan

I have never understood why those opposing the building of the Ground Zero Mosque constantly paint Bloomberg as the bad guy, referring to “his” Islamic Financial Platform as being an economic Trojan Horse.

In an earlier post I had made reference to the fact that within the context of the traditional London-New York financial rivalry, there is concern within the American business community that British capital is already streets ahead in terms of the race to become the global center for tapping into the wealth of Muslim investors who are as one article put it “sitting on piles of oil-generated cash that needs a home.”

Bloomberg is merely catering to the most powerful influence that often times trumps everyday American citizen interests, which is money.  In particular, corporate America and the Financial community including Wall Street.

By following the money I would write, we can now understand the driving forces behind New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “launching” as Pamela Geller put it, of the Islamic Sahri’ah Finance Platform, which is based in large part on the desire to maintain New York’s leadership position in the world of global finance.

In the race to tap this lucrative reservoir that is Islamic money, neither Bloomberg, American businesses such as GE, or for that matter the financial community including Wall Street view the Ground Zero Mosque debate as anything more than a welcomed polarizing misdirection that like waving a red flag to a bull, distracts the public from the real game that is being payed out on the global stage.  To these financial moneychangers, currency has no allegiance to any one nation, religious beliefs or societal sensibilities beyond their convenience in forwarding their own interests.

Think I am wrong.  Well let’s look at my extensive coverage of the pharmaceutical industry where companies such as GlaxoSmithKline recently paid a hefty settlement for knowingly selling tainted baby ointment and an anti-depressant drug about which they were fully aware was little more than a placebo.

Let’s also not forget the illegal off-label marketing practices of Johnson & Johnson and Astra Zeneca in which they willfully violated the law to promote a secondary use of an FDA approved drug even though the target market to which their efforts were directed were susceptible through its use, to a heightened rate of mortality.

Of course there are few examples where the soulless and faceless pursuit of wealth is more evident than it is on Wall Street, with its maze of Ponzi schemes and obfuscating self-regulatory practices, the existence of which Alan Greenspan had at one time denied.

Even going back to the Second World War, and the pervasive belief that American corporations, lawyers, bankers and financiers who collaborated with the Nazis during that global conflict, exerted tremendous influence to thwart investigators delving into their seditious activities after the war, speaks to the interests of a purported hidden American society in which the universal language is money.

To what degree the above is true is a debate for another day.  However it is safe to say that in the overall scheme of things, Mayor Bloomberg and the controversy surrounding the Ground Zero Mosque are like the proverbial iceberg, in that they are just the tip of a much larger story.


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