Sometimes an interview takes you to unexpected places . . .

Sometimes an interview takes you to unexpected places . . . this has to be one of the most powerful segments that I have ever done, which is something given the people I have had the privilege of interviewing over the past 2 years.

Joining me last evening to continue the discussion that was started on our February 17th broadcast with RAW: Revelations of Authentic Women creator and visionary Janee Harrell, is one of the amazing five women who are featured on the program, Denai Vaughn.

Denai, who’s frankness regarding the physical abuse she endured during her childhood, including the fact that even when she had the courage to speak up none of the adults in her life believed her, delivers an inspirational perspective including how she has an adult has gained a new perspective on intimacy and her walk with God.

Remember to use the following link to access the on demand broadcast “RAW WomenTV: Revelations of Authentic Women (Meet Denai Vaughn),” as well as check out the RAW WomentTV Show website, which airs on networks across the US on Tuesdays and Sundays.

Meet Denai Vaughn:

Denai & Family

Denai Vaughn is a self-proclaimed perfectionist – the best of the best. If she is all she claims to be, then why does she struggle with low self-esteem and rejection? Will Denai conquer her battle to not be the best, but to be HER best?

RAW WomenTV Media Bite:

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