Muslim Demographics Video Shows That Fear, Ignorance and the Resulting Prejudice Isn’t Confined to a Certain Era . . . or society

I recently reviewed the article regarding the PEW Study which showed that the data used to predict that the growth in the Muslim population would forever change the landscape of European culture to the point that by 2048 France would become a Muslim State, followed by Germany in 2050 and so on, was highly questionable.

Referring to this new European reality as Eurabia, a video titled simply Muslim Demographics was eerily similar to one that was released by the Nazis in 1940 under the heading Nazi PSYOP on Jewish Immigration.

While the Nazi version is more anecdotal, lacking the statistical references associated with the Muslim version of today, the fact that the purported data of the current video lacks merit makes it no more credible than the Third Reich’s attempt to denigrate an entire Middle Eastern race.

Once again I have provided below, the videos for your viewing, as I feel that the messages and comparative conclusions speak for themselves without the need for extraneous commentary.

This being said, the type of self-serving histrionics along the lines of the following videos, as well as what we experienced this weekend in an exchange with one movement’s supporters in which comments such as You have no survival skills or instincts- its clear you will not GET IT till your head is separated from your body by the enemy and you will have around 5 seconds before you slip away …and I take no comfort in the fact your last thought will be Damn Andy was right good luck my friend I will pray for you and others like you, speak to a far grater danger, which is the extremist element within.  The more than 12 million hits on the Muslim Demographics video is the punctuation point relative to the aforementioned level of danger.


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