49th Parallel Co-Host’s Question Asking Where Have All the Muslims Gone Poignant on Many Levels

In his post in the 49th Parallel Forum’s Blog (Where Have All the Muslims Gone?), my co-host from the south Jim Bouchard, poses a very interesting question on many levels.

While I will leave it to you to read Jim’s text in its entirety, the absence of a response from the Muslim community is on its face value disconcerting.  Like the great old Curran or Burke axiom “evil prospers when good men do nothing,” which challenges the silent majority to step up to the plate and confront the destructive elements that undermine the better interests of a collective society, Jim’s call out to the decent, law-abiding Muslims of America is equally important and pertinent given the vociferous outcry of the extremist elements within America itself.

To this end, I would like to share with you my response to Jim’s post and, as always, welcome your feedback on what is an emotionally charged debate that potentially affects the future of America and the world as a whole.  Especially given the dramatic events that are unfolding in the Mideast in places such as Egypt and Libya.

This is a very good question Jim. As you have so adeptly pointed out, the extremist element against which various groups are railing is very small by comparison to those who are law-abiding American Muslims who are not willing to be subjected to the harsh doctrine of terrorism.

That being said, our interview with Andy Sullivan, the Founder of the 911 Hard Hat Pledge, and subsequent exchange over the weekend with individuals to whom he referred to as patriots would likely keep most people undercover.

The elements of dissent within America, like the minority of Islamic extremists, is also small but vociferous in their yell down and at times profane arguments against those who do not support their position totally and without challenge. Sadly, these unrelenting diatribes are not limited to the secular realms, as they have also directed their inherent prejudicial rantings towards even those of the Christian faith when said opinions differ from that of their own.

How The 911 Hard Hat Pledge Movement Views Islamic Threat

So while it is incumbent upon decent, law-abiding Muslims to step up to the plate, one can understand their reluctance to opening themselves up to the kind of verbal assault we had experienced over the weekend including references to waiting in the bushes and burning down ones house – even though I must add that these were offered as an analogy for supporting their arguments.


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