Has America Lost A Sense of Its Own Greatness or, Why Do Americans Hate Each Other?

(UPDATE Commentary July 27th, 2012: When I originally wrote this article I asked the question “why do Americans hate each other?”  The fact that someone expressed an opinion – in this case the Chick-fil-A CEO, in which some were in disagreement has led to such a vitriolic response does little to dispel the divisive and … Continue reading

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Questions from a radio broadcast student regarding Internet Radio

Talk Radio Images1

. . . because of my interest in BlogTalkRadio I was looking for a book about the subject and found your book, Your Show Will Go Live in 5 Seconds . . . Anyway, I am inspired by your story and how you seem to be living your passions. The online radio format fascinates me … Continue reading

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From the impact on the automotive industry to the near-term pricing and margin pressure considerations of the high tech sector, coverage of the Japan disaster has been a mixed bag of targeted relevancy

“The problem is that there’s so much uncertainty,” Mr. Toprak said. “The supply-chain problem is a much more dramatic one than what the automakers are portraying. Even if they were able to come online in two weeks, which I think is wishful thinking, there’s a couple hundred thousand units to make up already, and nobody … Continue reading

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Despite Melchert-Dinkel being found guilty, Nadia Kajouji’s mother finds little solace in verdict

You would think he’d use this opportunity to once again question the lack of action on the part of the Ottawa police, and even to question why M388 has not yet been passed into law. From his release one who didn’t know better would actually assume this was a Canadian victory rather then a victory … Continue reading

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The Internet Predator Verdict Is In . . . GUILTY! Is this the Start of a New Internet Policing Era?

The most important issue highlighted in this case is one of boundaries. Specifically, where do jurisdictional boundaries fall when dealing with such a universal tool as the internet. Melchert-Dinkel lives in Minnesota, but his victims were from Canada and England. His defense attorney tried to get the case dismissed on these grounds, arguing that the … Continue reading

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The Verdict Is In! Melchert-Dinkel Is Guilty . . . For Now.

William Melchert-Dinkel Verdict Headline

However, the law is not based solely on society’s moral sensibilities (although it should reflect them).  Nor for that matter, has Melchert-Dinkel lawyer Watkin’s claimed that his client’s actions were morally honorable.  The issue at hand is whether or not his client had the right to write what he did in the chat rooms, regardless … Continue reading

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Why is Bloomberg the fall guy for Ground Zero Mosque protestors . . . isn’t GE facilitating its construction?

Your issue isn’t with Bloomberg Andy . . . follow the money. Like all politicians he is influenced by powerful money interests. For example, GE (an American icon corporation) indicates that they “want to become a regular sukuk issuer over time,” having already issued a $500 million bond. In fact, besides “tapping” Islamic investors as … Continue reading

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Google Crackdown on Content Thin Sites Exposes The SEO Myth

Breaking News Update: Let me give you an idea of why I am not a believer in SEO . . . go to Google right now and type in “is paterno guilty” . . . look who comes up first on the first page. This is without SEO and focusing instead on content. As Google … Continue reading

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Fired by the Christian Action Network, Is 911 Hard Hat Pledge Founder Andy Sullivan’s 15 Minutes Up?

“Hey Joan just to let you know they bumped me from the speakers circle at Cali(fornia). 3 thousand miles for nothing . . . I didn’t realize it was to knock me out of the picture and then because I left Cali(fornia). To go back to NY to deal with Rauf Christian Action Network fired … Continue reading

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An Outsider on the Inside: Was Badfinger’s Pete Ham’s Unique Talent As an Artist the Real Reason He Took His Life?


“I will not be allowed to love and trust everybody. This is better.” And an accusatory blast toward Badfinger’s business manager, Stan Polley, with Ham writing: “P.S. Stan Polley is a soulless bastard. I will take him with me.” excerpts from Pete Ham’s suicide note I recently had the pleasure of being able to exchange … Continue reading

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