Young girl’s YouTube video talking about Melchert-Dinkel Suicides and Death is troubling on so many levels

The age of the young girl (who’s face we never see) talking in the videos about William Melchert-Dinkel and how he enticed Nadia Kajouji as well as others to take their lives while he watched, as well as death in general, is not known. But listening to the obvious sweet innocence of her tender voice … Continue reading

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Constitution suicide pact debate with 911 Hard Hat Pledge Founder Andy Sullivan is at the heart of the Ground Zero Mosque controversy

During what was undoubtedly one of the most energized and controversial debates to hit the virtual airwaves Andy Sullivan, who’s 911 Hard Hat Pledge organization is committed to derailing the building of what is known as the Ground Zero Mosque, made the statement that “the Constitution is not a suicide note.”  (Note: Remember to tune … Continue reading

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