RAW WomenTV Profile (Denai Vaughn)

While we will be going to air this evening on the PI Window on Business with RAW WomenTV creator Janee Harrell at 8:00 PM EST to talk about her new talkumentary television series, starting today and for the next week we will feature one of the amazing women who will be sharing their life’s journey with viewers every week.  (NOTE: use the following link to access both the live and on-demand broadcast of RAW: Revelations of Authentic Women on the Blog Talk Radio Network.)

Today, we are pleased to introduce you to Denai,Vaughn.

Denai & Family

Denai Vaughn is a self-proclaimed perfectionist – the best of the best.  If she is all she claims to be, then why does she struggle with low self-esteem and rejection?  Will Denai conquer her battle to not be the best, but to be HER best?

RAW WomenTV Media Bite:

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