RAW: Revelations of Authentic Women

RAWWomenTV chronicles the issues women face in today’s world and exposes the truth about the supposed perfect lives women project.

Boldly introducing a new television genre, the talkumentary, RAW incorporates the one-on-one conversation element of a talk show with the authenticity of a documentary through its use of video journaling.

So goes the description of an exciting new TV series in which open and honest dialogue delivers meaningful insights from the lives of several women, without falling into the maudlin sappiness of a self-created life drama such as the ones involving the Lidsay Lohans and Paris Hiltons.

These are real women, talking about their lives in a real-world that is not obfuscated by celebrity and money.

Ultimately, it is this salient reality that promises to deliver something of value which is the common experience from the everyday lives of some amazing people.

Joining me on Thursday evening to talk about what is likely itself to become the most talked about show is RAW: Revelations of Authentic Women creator and visionary Janee Harrell.

About Janee Harrell:

Staying true to the talkumentary RAWWomenTV format, here is a compelling video from an interview with Janee Harrell:

Meet the Amazing Women of RAW TV:

Janee (at 11:00 position), Shelby (1:00), Suzannah (3:00), Yuri (5:00), Denai (7:00) and Thressa (9:00)


Click for Bios

Once again, remember to tune in to RAW: Revelations of Authentic Women at 8:00 PM EST on Thursday, February 17th on the Blog Talk Radio Network.


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