Fear of Communism, the Overthrow of Mossadegh and the Secret Government

In researching my February 2nd post (Unintended consequences: Like Vietnam which triggered the Six Day War, is the present day Mideast crisis an unintended consequence of U.S. policy regarding Iran?), the details surrounding Operation Ajax came to light, when for the first time in history and, at the prompting of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, … Continue reading

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Ahhhh . . . If only I were the Old Spice Guy!

Just this past week I received an e-mail with the heading “Viagra: we have a gorgeous selection” suggesting that my manly prowess may not be all it could be.  Funny, I never used to receive these e-mails with such frequency prior to crossing the half-century mark . . . Besides a flaccid libido, based on … Continue reading

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