There is something in the air . . . or at least that is what a Facebook contact is telling me (although I did have beans for lunch)

Within a period of 1 hour I received a series of e-mail messages from a Facebook contact telling me the following:

By now you’ve probably caught wind of what has been happening.

It’s a movement. People everywhere are taking hold of this and it has begun to steamroll into a revolution.

In the videos that you’ve been watching, you’ll may’ve noticed a common thread throughout them all.

That thread is the feeling that affluence, success, and happiness is truly attainable for you right now.


How does this person know that “affluence, success, and happiness is truly attainable” for me and, “right now?”  The only thing I was thinking about was what I may be having for dinner tonight on the drive home from work!

This supposedly inspirational boding of a better life then goes on to suggest (and I quote):

Once you discover get out of your own way, your path toward a great life of incredible abundance will be MUCH simpler, faster, and easier.

“Get out of my own way?!?”  Gee, I would be delighted beyond words if the guy driving in front of me removed his index finger from halfway up his nose,while bobbing his head to a tune on the radio – at least I hope he has his radio on, and gets out of my way so I can make it home for the very dinner I am imagining.

I wuz borned for flatulence


The message from my well intentioned contact concludes:

I’m confident that you’ll start to see what lies beyond your current state of consciousness and start realizing that some amazing things are completely possible for you right now!

I’ll see you there.

“See me there!!!!”  Where, where is this place beyond my consciousness?  I know my wife asked me to pick-up milk and dessert on the way home.  I wonder if this amazing thing is on the way?  If it’s not nearby I will have to call the wife to let her know that I will be a little late for dinner . . .

Epilogue: I eventually arrived home and found that my Facebook benefactor is a Money Missionary Mastery founder and owner, as well as being a Strategic Mortgage and Equity Consultant.  I guess the latter position is a back-up just in case she isn’t able to get out of the way of her own consciousness.

PS You have to watch the “steamroll revolution” video – I know 193 people did, to get out of the way and find your destiny.


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