Arguments surrounding the Melchert-Dinkel trial may be lengthy but the underlining focus is the assignment of blame

The following are the official court documents with corresponding summarized positions by both the prosecution and the defense in the bench trial of Serial Suicide Killer William Melchert-Dinkel. While you will not likely be inclined to review the documents in their entirety – especially the 100 page defense submission by Melchert-Dinkel lawyer Terry Watkins, the … Continue reading

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If you believe that money is power, then history tells us that the Islamic threat is real . . . but are we to blame?

American Dream

Robert Tuttle, the former U.S. Ambassador to London who is now a millionaire businessman, warned in a cable to his bosses at the U.S. Treasury that Britain was getting the jump on the United States at a crucial time. “Should London successfully position itself as a leading Islamic finance center, it could gain an edge … Continue reading

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Amidst 911 Hard Hat Pledge Founder’s erroneous rhetoric may be some important facts that ARE worth knowing and noting

Perdana Website Image

During Wednesday evening’s 49th Parallel Forum broadcast, 911 Hard Hat Pledge Founder Andy Sullivan made several references to New York City Mayor’s Michael Bloomberg’s links to a Shari’ah finance platform.  While he did not go into specific details beyond the assertion and related intimation that Bloomberg is selling America down the river for his own … Continue reading

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Young girl’s YouTube video talking about Melchert-Dinkel Suicides and Death is troubling on so many levels

American Graffiti3

The age of the young girl (who’s face we never see) talking in the videos about William Melchert-Dinkel and how he enticed Nadia Kajouji as well as others to take their lives while he watched, as well as death in general, is not known. But listening to the obvious sweet innocence of her tender voice … Continue reading

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Constitution suicide pact debate with 911 Hard Hat Pledge Founder Andy Sullivan is at the heart of the Ground Zero Mosque controversy

Ground Zero Mosque Controversy

During what was undoubtedly one of the most energized and controversial debates to hit the virtual airwaves Andy Sullivan, who’s 911 Hard Hat Pledge organization is committed to derailing the building of what is known as the Ground Zero Mosque, made the statement that “the Constitution is not a suicide note.”  (Note: Remember to tune … Continue reading

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Democracy delayed: Based on his foreign policy mishaps, the Eisenhower Administration may be one of the worst in American history

Soon after taking office, the Eisenhower administration, in cooperation with the British government, authorized the Central Intelligence Agency to help the Iranian Army overthrow Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh, and restore the Shah to power. courtesy of Wikipedia There is no doubt that hindsight is 20/20. After all, it is unlikely that the majority of Americans … Continue reading

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Acres of Diamonds: Are our children the underprivileged of the world?

Lisa Haisha image 1

In December of 2009 I wrote an article titled Anti-psychotic Prescriptions . . . for Children: Is the Medicaid Story Today’s Version of Go Ask Alice?, in which I discussed the the growing number of children between the ages of 3 and 17 who were (and still are) being prescribed powerful anti-psychotic drugs. Given the … Continue reading

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Did a wrong decision in 1952 put America on the wrong side in 1979 . . .

The whole theme behind my posts and commentary leading up to the Wednesday, February 23rd 49th Parallel Forum show “Were the wheels for 9/11 put in motion back in 1952?,” can best be summed up in two words: Unintended Consequences! The fact is that in 1952 under the code name Operation Ajax and, at the … Continue reading

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RAW WomenTV Profile (Denai Vaughn)

While we will be going to air this evening on the PI Window on Business with RAW WomenTV creator Janee Harrell at 8:00 PM EST to talk about her new talkumentary television series, starting today and for the next week we will feature one of the amazing women who will be sharing their life’s journey … Continue reading

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PI Inquisitive Eye goes undercover at SAP, Oracle and Ariba

It isn’t often that you get the opportunity to be the proverbial fly on the wall in terms of having access to the hallowed boardrooms and back offices of industry giants such as SAP, Oracle and Ariba. But flies on the wall we were, when the PI Inquisitive Eye went undercover at an SAP board … Continue reading

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