Unfriendly Skies: How Safe Is Air Travel? or “Who’s Flying You!”

I get no kick in a plane, Flying too high, with some gal in the sky is my idea of nothing to do . . .

The above lyrics speak volumes as to how the majority of people view air travel today . . . basically a necessary part of increasingly globalized careers in which clients are more likely to be in another part of the world versus being around the corner.

However, and regardless of how air travel has become as natural as taking to the highways in a car, there are nonetheless sobering moments that give one pause for thought as it relates to our safety in the air.

Putting aside for a moment the fact that I scheduled this show the day following a Mayday marathon which investigates and chronicles the myriad of factors that collectively link to form a tragic chain, as well as a Frontline Special titled Flying Cheap, which “provides a glimpse into the lives of regional airline pilots,” if we are honest with ourselves there are moments when we all feel an ephemeral ping of reservation when we contemplate taking flight in a heavier than air, winged cylinder.

In this episode of the PI Window we will welcome retired Airbus A-300 Captain Kimber C. Turner to talk about  the airline industry, providing what we hope will be a previously uncharted course into understanding how air travel has changed over the years and, what we can expect in the future.

Remember to use the following link to access the on-demand broadcast “Unfriendly Skies: How Safe Is Air Travel?


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